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Athans Expansion: 9 playable classes.
Official Gameplay.
Rates: EPX x1 - GOLD x1 - DROP x1.

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Lumen Jade Dynasty

Lumen Jade Dynasty get back in time with pure official gameplay, pvp events and more...

Athan expansion - 9 playable classes.
Official style - pure official gameplay.
Referral program - invite your friends to get Jaden and other bonuses.
Participate events and win prizes.

Server Rates :

EXP: x1

GOLD: x1

DROP: x1

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Explore Classes

Weapon: Sword
Role: Dagos: Dagos: Hybrid, Felkin: DPS/One Shot, Fuwa: Tank
The Spellcasters of Good.
Sworn to protect their allies, they channel lightning through their Swords.
Weapon: Duoblade
Role: Dagos: CC, Felkin: DPS/One Shot, Fuwa: Tank
The Warlords of Evil.
They brawl on the front lines, cutting with their deadly Duoblades.
Weapon: Fangclaws
Role: Dagos: AoEr, Felkin: Debuffer/DoT, Fuwa: DPS
The Shapeshifters of Evil.
Like demons, they sleeve through enemies with their Fangclaws.
Weapon: Staff
Role: Dagos: Debuffer(Diet), Felkin: DoT(Bleed), Fuwa: Tank/Support
The Healers of Good.
They empower the body and soul with the power of their Staffs.
Weapon: Glavie
Role: Dagos: One Shot, Felkin: Debuffer(Diet), Fuwa: Tank
Assasins of Evil.
They pick off individual enemies with their Glaives.
Weapon: Bow
Role: Dagos: Summoner, Felkin: One Shot, Fuwa: Debuffer/Support
Athan rangers.
Calling upon the power of nature, they channel it through their Bows.
Weapon: Axe
Role: Dagos: Debuffer, Felkin: One Shot, Fuwa: Tank
Athan Warriors.
They absorb and deal damage of the frontlines with their enormous Axes.
Weapon: Zither
Role: Dagos: AoEr, Felkin: Debuffer/Support, Fuwa: Support/Reflect
Athan Nobles.
They revive allies and overpower enemies with the sound of their Zithers.
Weapon: Scythe
Role: Dagos: DPS/Debuffer, Felkin: DPS/DoT, Fuwa: Summoner
Athan Assassins.
Hiding in the shadows, they malm their enemies with Scythes.

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