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Judgement Patch
- 11 playable classes
- Forta & Mage unlocked
- MTH & CP Unlocked

- Automated PvP events
- Custom, frequent, events

- Active gameplay - online activity rewarded
- Early levelling fast track!

... and much more!

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Game client (approximately 3.2 GiB)

Operating System RAM Memory Hard Disk Graphic Display
Windows XP or newer 2GB of RAM (4GB or more recommended) 5GB Free HD Space. Not needed

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Explore Classes


The Jadeon class is a melee/ranged fighter that specializes in elemental damage.

They use a sword as their primary weapon and have abilities that deal damage through ice, and lightning.

Jadeon is a balanced class that has both offensive and defensive abilities, making them an excellent choice for solo play and group battles.

Overall, the Jadeon class is a well-rounded class with strong elemental damage capabilities, defensive abilities, and utility skills, making them a versatile and reliable combatant.
The Vim class is a tanking class that is skilled in close-ranged combat.

They are equipped with duoblade tanks that allow them to take and block high amounts of damage while simultaneously dealing out heavy damage to their enemies.

Additionally, the Vim class has a high amount of defensive skills that make them very difficult to defeat.

Their single target DPS is great, making them perfect for taking on high level bosses and other dangerous enemies.

Overall, the Vim class is an excellent choice for players who love to play as tanks and enjoy engaging in close-range combat.
The Modo is a class that has the ability to transform into different forms to enhance their combat abilities.

They have a wide range of skills that they can learn, which allows them to shift into different forms, each with unique abilities and stats.

Overall, the Modo Shapeshifter is a unique and powerful class in Jade Dynasty that offers a lot of variety and versatility in combat gameplay.

The Skysong class is a support class that specializes in buffing allies, debuffing enemies, and has a high amount of crowd control abilities.

They are equipped with a staff, which they use to cast spells and control the battlefield.

Overall, the Skysong is a versatile class that can be played in various roles, including support, damage-dealer, and crowd-controller.

They excel in group play, helping their allies stay alive and imposing their will on their foes.
The Lupin class is a damage-oriented class that focuses primarily on melee combat.

They use Glavie to inflict quick and deadly strikes on their enemies, making them a formidable opponent in one-on-one battles.

Overall, the Lupin class is a high-risk, high-reward class that requires skill and precision to be effective.

They excel in one-on-one combat but can struggle in group situations, where their lack of crowd control and support abilities can be a hindrance.
The Arden class equipped with a bow they specialize in ranged attacks and crowd control, using a bow and arrows as their primary weapon.

They are agile and mobile, able to dodge attacks and move around quickly on the battlefield.

Arden Archers have skills that allow them to slow down or stun enemies, making it easier for their allies to defeat them.

They can also use traps, summon companions to shred enemies armor and other environmental hazards to their advantage, setting up strategic obstacles and barriers to control the flow of battle.

Overall, the Arden Archer class is a versatile and effective ranged fighter that can provide invaluable support on the battlefield.
The Balo class is a melee-focused class that excels in close-range combat.

They use brute strength, swift movements, and a powerful axe to deal massive damage to their enemies.

Balo's base stats include high health, attack power and defense.

Overall, the Balo class in Jade Dynasty is a heavy-hitting melee class that excels in close-quarters combat, and their versatility makes them formidable opponents on the battlefield.
The Celan is a class that specializes in dealing high amounts of damage to enemies through their musical abilities.

They use a harp-like instrument to cast spells and their skills emphasize speed and agility.

Overall, the Celan is a powerful damage dealer that adds a unique flair to the game with their musical abilities and their agility.

They require quick reflexes and precision to use effectively, but in the right hands, they can devastate their opponents.
The Rayan class is a melee fighter in Jade Dynasty that focuses on speed and agility.

They are known for their high burst damage and fast-paced gameplay.

They use a combination of swift strikes and powerful techniques to take down their enemies quickly.

The Rayan class has the ability to perform multiple dashes and jumps while being stealthy, making them elusive and tricky to catch.

They primarily use dual scythe.

Overall, the Rayan class in Jade Dynasty is a versatile and deadly character.

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